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David Whitmer-Signed Testimony on the Book of Mormon

Richmond, Missouri, March 2d, 1875

Mr. Mark H. Forscutt

Dear Sir:

My testimony to the world is written concerning the Book of Mormon. And it is the same that I gave at first, and it is the same as shall stand to my latest hour in life, linger with me in death and shine as gospel truth beyond the limits of life, among the tribunals of heaven. And [that] the nations of the earth will have known too late the divine truth written on the pages of that book, is the only sorrow of this servant of the Almighty Father.

David Whitmer


It having been represented by one John Murphy, of Polo, Caldwell county, Mo., that I in a conversation with him last summer, denied my testimony as one of the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon;

To the end, therefore, that he may understand me now, if he did not then, and that the world may know the truth, I wish now, standing as it were in the very sunset of life and in the fear of God, once and for all to make this public statement:

That I have never at any time, denied that testimony or any part thereof which has so long since been published with that book, as one of the Three Witnesses. Those who know me best, well know that I have adhered to that testimony. And that no man may be misled or doubt my present views in regard to the same, I do again affirm the truth of all my statements, as then made and published.

"He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear." It was no delusion! What is written is written-and he that readeth let him understand.

And that no one may be deceived or misled by this statement, I wish here to state: That I do not indorse polygamy or spiritual wifeism. It is a great evil, shocking to the moral sense and the more so because practiced in the name of religion. It is of man and not of God, and is especially forbidden in the Book of Mormon itself.

I do not indorse the change of the name of the Church, for as the wife takes the name of her husband, so should the Church of the Lamb of God, take the name of its head, even Christ himself. It is the Church of Christ. As to the High Priesthood, Jesus Christ himself is the Last Great High Priest, this too after the order of Melchizedek, as I understand the Holy Scriptures.

Finally, I do not indorse any of the teachings of the so-called Mormons, or Latter-day Saints, which are in conflict with the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible and Book of Mormon; for the same gospel is plainly taught in both of these books as I understand the word of God.

And if any man doubt, should he honestly read and understand the same, before presuming to sit in judgement and condemning the light, which shineth in darkness and showeth the way of eternal life as pointed out by the unerring hand of God.

In the spirit of Christ, who hath said, "Follow thou me, for I am the life, the light and the way," I submit this statement to the world. God, in whom I trust, being my judge as to the sincerity of my motives and the faith and hope that is in me of eternal life.

My sincere desire is that the world may be benefited by this plain and simple statement of the truth. And all the honor be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, which is one God. Amen!


Richmond Mo., March 19, 1881