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Joseph Smith-Personal Writings

Diary, 1835-18

Sunday 6th [December] 1835, went to meeting at the us[u]al hour. G. Carter preached a splendid discourse, in the after noon we had an exortation, and communion. —Br. Draper insisted on leaving the meeting, some 2 or 3 weeks since, before communion, and would not be prevailed upon to tarry a few moments although, we invited him to do so as we did not wish to have the house thrown into confusion, he observed that he would not if we excluded him from the church, to day, he attempted to make a confession, but it was not satisfactory to me, and I was constrained by the spirit to deliver him over to the bufetings of satan untill he should humble himself, and repent, of his sins, and make a satisfactory confession before the church—

Monday 7th [December 1835] received a letter from Milton Holmes, and was much rejoiced to hear from, him, and of his prosperity in proclaiming the gospel, wrote him a letter requesting, him to return to this place,

Spent the day in reading the hebrew. Mr. John Hollister called and to take the parting hand with me, and remarked that he had been in darkness all his days, but had now found the light and intended to obey it. also a number of brethren called this Evening to see the records. I exibited and explained them to their satisfaction. We have fine sleighing

Tuesday morning the 8th (December 1835] at holm spent the day in reading hebrew in company with, President Cowdery Doct. Williams Br. H. Smith & O. Pratt.

In the evening I preached, as us[u]al at the School House, had great liberty in speaking the congregation, were attentive, after the servises closed the brethren proposed to come and draw wood for me

Wednesday 9th [December 1835] at home, the wind is strong and chilly, from the south, and their is a prospect of a storm Elder [Noah] Packard came in this morning and made me a present, of 12 dollars which he held in a note against me, may God bless him for his liberality, also James Aldrich, sent me my note by the hand of Jesse Hitchcock, on which there was 12 dollars due, and may God bless him for his kindness to me also the brethren whose names are written below opened the[ir] hearts in great liberality and payed me at the committee Store the sums set oposite their respective names

John Corrill $5.00

Levi Jackman 3.25

Elijah Fordham 5.25

James Emett 5.00

Newel Knight 2.00

Truman Angell 3.00

Wm Felishaw 3.00

Emer Harris 1.00

Truman Jackson 1.00

Samuel Rolph 1.25

Elias Higbee 1.00

Albert Brown 3.00

Wm F. Cahoon 1.00

Harlow Crosier .50

Salmon Gee .75

Harvey Stanley 1.00

Zemira Draper 1.00

George Morey 1.00

John Rudd .50

Alexander Badlam 1.00


In the adition of the 2 notes above 24.00

My heart swells with gratitude inexpressible when I realize the great condescention of my heavenly Fathers, in opening the hearts of these, my beloved brethren to administer so liberally, to my wants and I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ, to multiply, blessings, without number upon their heads, and bless me with much wisdom and understanding, and dispose of me, to the best advantage, for my brethren, and the advancement of thy cause and Kingdom, and whether my days are many or few whether in life or in death I say in my heart, O Lord let me enjoy the society of such brethren

To day Elder Tanner brought me the half of a fat[e]ned hog for the be[ne]fit of my family.

And a few days since Elder S[hadrach] Roundy brought me a quarter of beef and may all the blessings, that are named above, be poured upon their heads, for their kindness toward me—

Thursday morning 10th [December 1835] a beautiful morning indeed, and fine sleighing, this day my brethren meet according, to previous arangement, to chop and haul wood for me, and they have been verry industrious, and I think they have supplyed me with my winters wood, for which I am sincerely grateful to each and every, one of them, for this expression of their goodness towards me And in the name of Jesus Christ I envoke the rich benediction of heav[e]n to rest upon them even all and their families, and I ask my heavenly Father to preserve their health's and those of their wives and children, that they may have strength of body to perform, their labours, in their several ocupations in life, and the use and activity of their limbs, also powers of intellect and understanding hearts, that they may treasure up wisdom, and understanding, until and inteligence, above measure, and be preserved from plagues pestilence, and famine, and from the power of the adversary, and the hands of evil designing, men and have power over all their enemys; and the way be prepared before them, that they may journey to the land of Zion and be established, on their inheritances, to enjoy undisturbe[d] peace and happiness for ever, and ultimately to be crowned with everlasting life in the celestial Kingdom of God, which blessings I ask in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Amen

I would remember Elder Leonard Rich who was the first one that proposed to the brethren to assist me, in obtaining wood for the use of my family, for which I pray my heavenly Father, to bless him with all the blessings, named above, and I shall ever remember him with much gratitude, for this testimony, of benevolence and respect, and thank the great I am, for puting into his heart to do me this kindness, and I say in my heart, I will trust in thy goodness, and mercy, forever, for thy wisdom and benevolence O Lord is unbounded and beyond the comprehension of men and all of thy ways cannot be found out.

This afternoon, I was called in company with President David Whitmer, to visit Sister Angeline Works, who lives at Elder Booths we found her verry sick, and so much deranged, that She did not recognize her friends, and intimate acquaintences we prayed for and layed hands on her her in the name of Jesus Christ, and commanded her in his name to receive he[r] senses, which was immediately restored to her we also asked a healing blessing prayed that she might be restored to health, she said she was better.—On our return we found the brethren engaged, in putting out the board kiln which had taken fire, and after labouring for about one hour, against this distructive, element they succeded in conquering it, and, probably will save about one fourth part of the lumber, that was in it, how much loss the committee have sustained by this fire I do not know but it is conciderable as there was much lumber in the kiln

There was about 200 brethren engaged on this occasion and displayed, much activity, and interest, for which they deserve much credit.

This evening I spent at hom[e], a number of brethren called to see the records which I exibited to them, and they were much pleased with their interview.

Personal Writings of Joseph Smith by Dean C. Jessee pp. 98-101