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Eliza R. Snow-Times and Seasons

The following from the 1st Volume of the Times and Seasons, by Miss E. R. Snow, will give the reader some idea of the heart rending scene.

"Here, in a land that Freemen call their home,

Far from the influence of Papal Rome;

Yes, in a mild and tolerating age

The saints have fallen beneath the barb'rous rage

Of men inspired by that misguiding hate,

Which ignorance and prejudice create.

Ill fated men, whose minds would hardly grace

The most ferocious of the brutal race.

Men, without hearts, else would their bosoms bleed

At the commission of so foul a deed

As that when they at Shoal Creek, in Caldwell,

Upon an unresisting people fell,

Whose only crime was DARING TO PROFESS


'T was not enough for that unfeeling crew

To murder men-they shot them through and through,

Frantic with rage, they poured their molten lead

Profusely on the dying and the dead,

For mercy's claim, which Heaven delights to hear,

Fell disregarded, on relentless ears.

Long o'er the scene of that unhappy eve

Will the lone widow and the orphan grieve.

Their savage foes with greedy avarice fir'd,

Plundered their murder'd victims and retir'd,

And at the shadowy close of parting day

In slaughter'd heaps husbands and fathers lay,

There lay the dead and there the dying ones,

The air reverberating with their groans;

Night's sable sadness mingled with the sound,

Spread a terrific hideousness around.

Ye wives and mothers think of woman then,

Left in a group of dead and dying men,

Her hopes were blasted, all her prospects riv'n

Save one, she trusted in the God of Heaven;

Long for the dead her widow'd heart will crave

A last kind office, yes-a decent grave.

Description fails-Tho' language is too mean

To paint the horrors of that dreadful scene.

All things are present to His searching eye

Whose ears are open to the raven's cry."