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Eliza R. Snow-Times and Seasons


"And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar, the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held.

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also, and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled." Rev. 6:9, 10, 11.

Ye heav'ns attend! Let all the earth give ear!

Let Gods and seraphs, men and angels hear—

The worlds on high—the universe shall know

What awful scenes are acted here below!

Had nature's self a heart, her heart would bleed;

For never, since the Son of God was slain

Had blood so noble, flow'd from human vein

As that which now, on God for vengeance calls

From "freedom's ground"—from Carthage prison walls!

Oh! Illinois! thy soil has drank the blood

Of Prophets martyr'd for the truth of God.

Once lov'd America! what can atone

For the pure blood of innocence, thou'st sown?

Were all thy streams in teary torrents shed

To mourn the fate of those illustrious dead;

How vain the tribute, for the noblest worth

That grac'd thy surface, O degraded Earth!

Oh wretched murd'rers! fierce for human blood!

You've slain the prophets of the living God,

Who've borne oppression from their early youth.

To plant on earth, the principles of truth.

Shades of our patriotic fathers! Can it be,

Beneath your blood stain'd flag of liberty;

The firm supporters of our country's cause,

Are butcher'd while submissive to her laws?

yes, blameless men, defam'd by hellish lies

have thus been offer'd as a sacrifice

T'appease the ragings of a brutish clan,

That has defied the laws of God and man!

'Twas not for crime or guilt of theirs, they fell—

Against the laws they never did rebel.

True to their country, yet her plighted faith

Has prov'd an instrument of cruel death!

Where are thy far-fam'd laws—Columbia! where

Thy boasted freedom—thy protecting care?

Is this a land of rights" Stern FACTS shall say

If legal justice here maintains its sway,

The official pow'rs of State are sheer pretence

When they're exerted in the Saints' defence.

Great men have fall'n and mighty men have died

Nations have mourn'd their fav'rites and their pride;

But TWO, so wise, so virtuous, great and good,

Before on earth, at once, have never stood

Since the creation—men whom God ordain'd

To publish truth where error long had reigned;

Of whom the world, itself unworthy prov'd:

It KNEW THEM NOT; but men with hatred mov'd

And with infernal spirits have combin'd

Against the best, the noblest of mankind!

Oh persecution! shall thy purple hand

Spread utter destruction through the land?

Shall freedom's banner be no more unfurled?

Has peace indeed, been taken from the world?

Thou God of Jacob, in this trying hour

Help us to trust in thy almighty pow'r;

Support thy Saints beneath this awful stroke

Make bare thine arm to break oppression's yoke.

We mourn thy Prophet, from whose lips have flow'd

The words of life, thy spirit has bestow'd—

A depth of thought, no human art could reach

From time to time, roll'd in sublimest speech,

From the celestial fountain, through his mind,

To purify and elevate mankind:

The rich intelligence by him brought forth,

Is like the sun-beam, spreading o'er the earth.

Now Zion mourns—she mourns an earthly head;

The Prophet and Patriarch are dead!

The blackest deed that men or devils know

Since Calv'ry's scene, has laid the brothers low!

One in their life, and one in death—they prov'd

How strong their friendship—how they truly lov'd;

True to their mission, until death, they stood,

Then seal'd their testimony with their blood.

All hearts with sorrow bleed, and ev'ry eye

Is bath'd in tears—each bosom heaves a sigh—

Hart broken widow's agonizing groans

Are mingled with the helpless orphans' moans!

Ye Saints! be still, and know that God is just

With steadfast purpose in his promise trust;

Girded with sackcloth, own his mighty hand,

And with his judgments on this guilty land!

The noble martyrs now have gone to move

The cause of Zion in the courts above.

Nauvoo, July 1, 1844. Times and Seasons, vol. 5 January 1844—January 1, 1845 pg. 575




Thou Chieftain of Zion! henceforward thy name

Will be class'd with the martyrs and share in their fame;

Thro' ages eternal, of thee will be said,


When the shafts of injustice were pointed at HIM

When the cup of his suff'ring was fill'd to the brim—

When his innocent blood was inhumanly shed,

You shar'd his afflictions and with him you BLED.

When around you like hailstones, the rifle balls flew—

When the passage of death open'd wide to your view—

When the prophet's freed spirit, thro' martyrdom fled,

In your gore you lay welt'ring—with martyrs you BLED.

All the SCARS from your WOUNDS, like the trophies of yore

Shall be ensigns of honor till you are no more;

And by all generations, of thee shall be said


July 27, 1844.

pg. 607 Times and Seasons, vol. 5 January 1844—January 1, 1845